Worlds Best Sister.❤

Worlds Best Sister.❤


A Sister. A single person who fulfills the role of a mother, best friend, sibling and an enemy. In terms of love they care as a mother would do and in a fight with them they act as our worlds dangerous enemy.

 They are the persons with whom we can share things like a best friend fight like a sibling. They fill our childhood with moments of fun and anger.

.She is so caring, she bears my  anger ,my irritating behavior. In  some times, she becomes the worst enemy of my life bcoz of her anger. I am lucky to have a sister like her.  Maybe I am luckiest of all to have her. 

She quarells a lot. Like a child quatells with parents. Thinks a lot and talks a lot. In my every step be it success or failure she stands beside me . From general talks to deep secrets she is my book of secrets which is secure .

No one can defame you better than your sister.. they are experts in defaming their brothers(sarcastically). They are born to defame you in front of your know and unknown.

Finally they are gift which we should treasure. The words Brother and sister are two words which cant be separated.

-Dedicated to all sisters and brothers out there.