When there is nothing really more to do…Part-2

When there is nothing really more to do…Part-2

Having quite her time at internship, Avika started living a second life. She was cherophobic and subtly believed that if good happened to her then the worse is just around the corner for her.

 Well although spending time with Vaibhav and his group was a new thing for her, her day was as refreshing as the first day of summer vacation alas it lasted only till she reached home. Well her mom at first was angry that she shouldn’t be out that late and mocked that she was being an irresponsible child. Well although taking such tantrums since childhood, she understood it was just her parents love for her and instead apologized to never repeat it again. What next followed was her trying to fake that she wasn’t hurt by this and waited till the time she went back to the room and cry her heart out.

Monday was busy as it could ever be, Avika had decided not to do adventurous stuff like last weekend, well of course as she felt it’ll only make her family feel insecure about her. And on the other side Vaibhav was as cheerful as ever, how could he not be? He loved being around people afterall. Most of the day went excruciatingly passable, the work was stacking up and the interns were asked to do the same work as the employees. Well you wouldn’t expect everyone to be happy about it, would you? Well on contrary Avika felt that this was an opportunity for her to forget the guilt she was going through throughout the weekend. She was very contributive and her work was far commendable than that of the regularities. Well the team leader was even considering to recommend her to be induced into the company after she graduated.

When the evening finally arrived, and to her dismay she actually got late again. Talking about deja vu to happen again, her mom is probably going to stop her from going to the internship. Soon, there was a honk from the car that just stopped right beside her. The window slides open asking if she needed a lift. Well of course it was Vaibhav, and as you would have expected, yes, she denied and said she didn’t want to make him travel long way to his place and it’ll be really late if he did. Only to his dismay he had to remind her, “Well, you’re much slower than I thought you are, first you didn’t ask me why I didn’t ask you your address until we reached the nearest lane near your house, and second, I live literally next lane to yours”.

Now that he mentioned, series of doubts suddenly started rolling out for her. First, how did he even know where she lived, she had never mentioned it to anyone, Second, was she so much unknown to the outside world, that even if she disappeared it wouldn’t really make a difference. Well, the answer for the first showed a part of reason why he understood her conservative side. 

“Well on your first day you were asked to fill your details and you ID was asked, if you remember? Well saw your address there and realised we literally live in the same area. Now if your conversation is done would you get in? It’s getting late”

Avika, although hesitant, thought it’d be faster reaching home this way. She got into the car and fastened her seatbelt and wished atleast today won’t be the last day for her at this place. In the mean while, Vaibhav tuned the radio to the same old channel when the old songs started playing in. 

She looked at him when she saw that Vaibhav’s face had this calmness and serenity written all over his face. She was suddenly jealous that she couldn’t be it, but was secretly happy that atleast someone had a life they live the way they want.

To be continued….

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