The current millennials life.


How would it be if we could go to our parents and actually speak out heart out? Did you just cringe a bit? Yep I did too because we were never allowed to! Or to be more clear we were said, we were not stronger enough. Well lucky are those of you who can actually talk to your parents, well your parents sure are cool and understanding. No I m not telling that ours are not, they probably had a difficult life and their upbringing was a bit harsh. Probably the way they saw life has probably turned them in what they are, and to a fact makes them believe that we must follow it too. 

But times have changed, society has changed, why do we still cling onto the cuss of previous generation? Why do we still restrict ourselves to the ideologies of our previous generation and are scared to tell that ” No! This is not what I want!! This is what YOU wanted ! I would never live a life and impose the same strictness of my next generation if you force me to do stuff you wanted and not me. I want to live the way I want even if I fail, because at the end of the day that was my decision. I certainly might have a good life with the path you’ve shown , but would you garuntee my happiness without actually seeing what I ve been through or the amount of mental stress you’re words are posing us at present? Just because I say these doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it just means you mean my all and that’s why I wish you knew my part too”. Just if I could say these…

The above video is something I was surfing through that made me realise I am the same too. Please feel free to express your self.