Many of us know all the technical specifications like the camera resolution, the size, ram, space, snapdragon, etc. I’m not gonna bore you with all those details again and again. 

Let’s jump on to my user experience. I’m not a great gamer so I didn’t test the phone on gaming experience but I found out from my peers that it gives good gaming experience too. 

Like the phone has great build quality, despite the plastic frame. It doesn’t give that plastic feel at all. Plus it’s very sturdy enough. We might have seen jerry’s durability test, but I feel it’s for extreme conditions, we won’t bend phones in such a way nor perform any teardowns. Unless you are very careless, I don’t think the phone would bend or break in any way. 

Even the mono speakers are very powerful. The base and sound quality are just amazing. The sound reaches almost up to 8m of distance. The videos were very good and there was no lag. The fluid Amoled panel is super smooth.  The 90hz refresh rate consumes a lot of battery but we can always change it into 60hz that would make no difference. Initially, there was some screen tint issue but then I only found it while scrolling through the google app and the software update removed it. 

Coming to the camera. I’m fine with the resolution. Photography addicts might not find it good because it lags crisp and it smoothens the photo and low light photo quality is just above average. The nightscape mode is useful to some extent. The daylight images are very good comparing to the night time ones. The selfie camera adds a lot of light because of its contrast settings. Since most of us use Snapchat or Instagram camera or edit our pics, so I didn’t find a fault with it. 

The battery is pretty good. I charged my phones yesterday afternoon around 1.30 and 20% was remaining today evening around 5.30. It’s Wrap charge is very fast as they said, 70% in 30 minutes. Yes, battery drains a bit fast, for an average user it might last longer, and for extensive user’s it might drain fast. Wrap charge is a great pro here. 

Overall, I can say that for regular use, It’s the best budget phone. Good picture quality, great sound, and good battery life. For extensive users, I won’t recommend this phone because 765G won’t take that much pressure on games. It might lag. For photographers, gamers I won’t recommend this phone. 

NORD- Pretty much you can ask for– only for average users ????


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