Phineas and Ferb to the rescue!

Quarantine day.. I don’t know when, I lost count of days.

So I was going through youtube, you know as a way to relax my minds from the devil’s that have been lingering around due to idleness in my mind, and I find Phineas and Ferb. Ah what good old days they were,when we were 10, and when we switched to Disney channel I would see Candace shouting “Moooom! Phineas nad Ferb are building a roller coaster.” Well those who have seen would definitely have had Candace’s voice while reading that.. Well coming back to talking about them, I really found it intimidating that they really had these amazing set of songs which should have their own album. They are so very happy vibed and make you feel like singing along with them.. well this one did for me atleast. So just wanted to share it as … “Gitchi Gitchi goo means I love you”

Oh by the way, where’s Perry? ????