One body, Hundred Souls

One body, Hundred Souls

Imagine a fine evening, the sun is almost down the horizon fading, yet emitting the last light it can. In a few moments, the sun disappears and darkness takes over the night. You hear the nestlings chirp as their mother’s return with food to feed them and smell the pleasant scent of night blooming jasmine… Stop at once, because you will go on imagining to any extent; the brain has no bounds and so does your imagination.

It feels great to be blessed with wondrous imaginative power, doesn’t it?

Now, what will you do if I ask you to capture all that you have Imagined? Someone with no experience will still imagine about it. But someone with experience will know that writing is the only way. Before you say painting, let me clarify that in no way you can describe the sense of smell and hear through it.

It’s through writing, you can bring every thought to life, create and recreate any world you want. Simple it seems until the obligation to justify yourself as a writer is kept on your shoulder to bear. Which means you stay loyal to your ingenuity. Every writer follows his/her own style, no style is superior to another. Because some styles break the foundation rules of grammar but bring a great result, some might fail to produce a similar result while holding to them.

At the time you start writing, things you write may seem erratic. The outcome of your own thoughts will obviously deject you and a jibe at it will add to fuel to your burning mind. You will give up. The writer in you will die without a chance for a test of the mind. The imagination in you will choke to death losing the writer who could have recreated to be remembered forever.

But if you don’t give up and continue writing considering the responses you get as constructive criticism and work to improve yourself following the style you began with. That is what you call staying loyal to your ingenuity. Be a verb, not a noun I say: call yourself a writer because you write not because you can write or written something some time ago.

As you begin your journey of writing and when you recreate your imagination on a blank page, you think like you do, like one person. Time being as you move ahead, you think like hundred people do and carry a hundred different thoughts of the same scene where the sun goes down the horizon. Because writing takes not one, but a hundred souls to survive and a hundred souls in one body makes a writer.