Imagine this..

Imagine this..

   One morning you just wake up , sit on the sofa and a cool breeze hits your face from the window and for a second you can actually feel the breeze.

That thing has happened to me this morning, except for the fact that I did not wake up but I was about to sleep. This quarantine made my sleep cycle a mess not that it was perfect earlier????.

 While I was sipping my coffee in that big brown mug , I had this thing running in my head.. I’ve been for 20 years on this earth. I’ve been an okayish daughter, a troublesome sibling, a great friend (lol) ; let’s just say that I had my share of good part in friendship and sometimes I did mess up. People thought I was a reserved person, I speak way too little and that I am basically a goody two shoes. Man , little did they know that I’m one hell of a person, hard to handle and harder to leave. I am very good at messing things up. I am a self-centered human being and an imbecile.But behind all these things, I am a human.. learning , trying , being a less of an idiot and more of a mature kinda person. I am actually not bothered about how I would turn out, but the journey is what I am concerned about. Past has taught me that I have all kinds of options in my hand.. all I’ve got to do is choose the right one.Regretting about things that you’ve messed up is fine but at one point you gotta stop that. It was your decision! A part of your heart wanted that thing to happen at that very moment!

                                  Move on, man. It’s time. Gather your pieces.. you are gonna be okay!