Happiness is a choice

Happiness is a choice

Here is what I hear these days.





Well, giving up!

The millennial generation is now literally stuck with them and they do zoom out pretty often. They think that being cold ,shutting all the things off and distancing from happy things makes them feel better but my friend the numbness is going to stay. Sometimes you choose the wrong person and sometimes you end up making wrong decisions. Karma’s a bitch and it’s going to hit you right in the face, hard. That dark part in your heart is always going to remain the same, but it is in your hands to make that black canvas into a beautiful painting with all the bright colours ; if you don’t want to; then let others help you do it.

If your heart’s broken then sit-down, gather all the pieces and fix it. If you feel your body is giving up;

 give it a reason not to.

If you feel like you are drowning then start kicking your damn legs, dammit.
Easier said than done. I know( in Monica Geller-Bing’s voice) but listen up!

This is hard. Life is hard and there’s not a single person here telling you otherwise.

Like Illenium and Jon said

“Sometimes good things fall apart” and let’s

just say things fall apart ‘cuz better things are coming for you.