A friend of mine asked me to write about men and why the hell not. We have amazing men who support women and they are doing great too. For a fact, from the good old days to the technology driven days we have seen men both in fiction and real life making wonders both in career as well as their personal life. 

I mean look at the list down ????

Adam and Eve

Jack and Rose

Romeo and Juliet

Obama and Michelle 

and come on now let’s not forget

Ross and Rachel

Joey and Meatball sub

Aditya and sarcasm

 Not every man is harmful as the society portrays. My guy friends are smart, funny , creative , sarcastic, caring and dumb too. I mean who even plays a video game for 7 hours and sulks for the next 2 hours cuz they had to charge their phone and again plays for the rest of the day. Okay.. I may be exaggerating things ???? but they do play video games and they are annoying. You may think I totally forgot about cricket, football, basketball and baseball? not a chance buddy! I love those sports and one word against the game or my guys regarding gotta face me!!

Well, Men are not all about sports, cars and food. They are women’s major support system. No matter what; when you trust a guy, he isn’t gonna hurt you. If he did, then sis, you need to understand that  he’s hurting too. They are emotional but afraid to come-out. They do care but have a different style of expressing things . The title is “Good Men”, i couldn’t find an adjective that would be good enough for the men in our lives. Thank-you for being you, kind, thoughtful and brave. Thank-you for standing up for women you know and care, thank-you for being awesome!! Men  are sometimes definitely are our knights in shining armour.