Dear Daughter, 

I don’t know what will happen in future would I be there with you or not. I don’t have any idea where we would end. Probably at that time I might not be able to talk out or I might be fierce or aggressive or you might feel insecure or you might have a thought that I might not understand your opinion. Those probably could be the reasons why we can have misunderstandings. But, I want to clear out one thing that I might or might not become a good parent but I promise you that I’ll become your best friend. You need not worry about anything until I exist. 

Your music interests, your dressing styles, your work, your education and your life.. It’s all yours. Ultimately your decision matters. I’m always here to guide you, and give you the best possible life. But your life, you have to live it. You need to promise me that whatever you do you will put your best in it and you will overcome all odds and just shine bright. 

You might feel sad or low or might get some triggers or you might feel something wrong at any point of time, you don’t feel like talking or you feel like giving up or you might like really no one cares, just remember you have me and your Papa! and you have unlimited access to internet just relax, have good amount of rest and talk out any time, if you don’t feel to talk then let’s just work it out together. Never in your life feel that you are alone. 

See, it takes lot of time, determination and precision to make a diamond. Life is just like making a diamond, you must have utmost concentration, determination and precision to make it fruitful and worthy. It takes lot of time and effort darling. So never give up. 

One important point I wish to say that, before you expect anything ,learn to give. Before you expect a guy to be understanding, caring, loving and considerate, put  question to yourself are you like that? Are you loving, understanding, caring and considerate? are you? If you aren’t then stop expecting immediately. Because just like you, he might also be expecting things from you. Make sure that you accept his flaws and try to rectify them. It all takes years to build a relationship but it takes one second to shatter them. So be very careful. 

You must understand things very deep, you must put lot of time and patience to make a relation stand. If you feel that everything is only one side and the other person isn’t responding then for the love of god, sussy! just have some integrity and self respect . Just move away. You deserve the best. Before moving on, make sure you talk out to that person completely and let your heart out and just say thanks and leave. 

I’ll hang up here for today!!

Incase if you happen to have boyfriend, Do intimate! ????

With Love,