Childhood recreated!

So was going through youtube, well ofcourse what else will I do with no one allowed to go out much, I found out the song I was obsessed with years ago. Well what’s a big wonder about it? Nothing actually, but doesn’t it make you feel you wish you had your childhood back? 

Remember how the music those days was so much different from today’s. How everything would make us jump and sing along. Damn I do miss those days very badly, now that I talk about it.

Once turning on the TV and changing to music channel, there used to be these beautiful songs by Backstreet boys, Blue, Aqua, Akon, Michael Jackson.. well you know it if you’re from 90’s. So for me whenever this song came up, the house would be my dance floor. I would would just sing along and dance my way out, never cared who saw… I really wish I could get those days back. 

Songs sure do latch upon memories. Don’t they?