Anpanman is a Japanese superhero character who is a red bean bread man. He is the weakest superhero who gives parts of his face to the people who are hungry. He is not the powerful like all other superheroes. He gets a new face from a bakery who works hard and makes his bread face.The song “Anpanman” talks about this message. Accepting ourselves is not just identifying the positive aspects in us, it is also accepting our weaker aspects. Anpanman is a superhero even if he is weak because he is the result of a bakers’ handwork. Similarly, We are God’s handwork. We are superheroes even if weak. So, accept all your positive and negatives as a part of you and work on your negative parts to develop them to be a positive.

Here are some of its positive lyrics.“I’ve dreamed of becoming a hero like SupermanI ran with all my strength, jumping high up in the skyI’m not afraid of little things like bruising my knees.”

 “I still want to be a heroAll I can give you is AnpanAnd a word, “You’ve worked hard,”But I’ll fly to you right away if you call me.”