All the way to a place where I could find me

All the way to a place where I could find me

Ever wondered what exactly you are, well most of us haven’t, we ve been busy keeping someone else so much happy we forget that we ve lost the track of ourselves.

Sometimes you get so numb feeling happy for others, when it comes to you it’s not a big deal , isn’t it? Did you ever say your self “I achieved this, I’m so happy for myself”.

It so happens to be a crazy world that  we either immerse for someone’s good or see the hatred on mankind. There’s no in between. 

Let me give you a small jist of what I m trying to tell you with a help of this conversation..

P1: I heard you refused to go out with her.

P2: yeah dude, I really don’t feel like going out.

P1: But that really hurt her dude, you have gone.

I mean come on, one person’s opinion is a matter of discussion of many but the two involved inthe actual situation. Let me easier to tell how it feels – it feels disgusting and sows a seed of guilt, unless you’re mentally very strong.

Summing up what I wanted to say in ever line written above, “get your happiness first!!!    Please!!!!”

PS: all the above is just a point of veiw and not subjected to hurt anybody or pointed in resemblance.