A Note From a Fellow Introvert!

A Note From a Fellow Introvert!

Struggles of Introvert are well known for this world. Yet, I don’t know why people blame us for not expressing or not talking with them.  We could be easily blamed for things. We are considered rude, ruthless, and weird souls. After all how much do you know us? 

Going to a party or making some random left or right swipes on Tinder or making the first move is just not our thing. We have F.R.I.E.N.D.S. rather than friends. We love to live in our small world, so don’t force us out of our comfort zone and make us act like some buffoons. You need to understand our silence too. You must understand the pain behind our sweet smile. So, I’d ask you, not to judge us by the appearance because you also know “Appearances are deceptive.” 

When Introverts give their heart, they give it for a lifetime, no matter how much you fuss and take breaks. They don’t judge you. Nope never! Yes, I accept that it takes a lot of time to become close to an introvert, it isn’t that easy to know the inner side of Introvert. If they open up in front of you then consider yourself lucky because you have become their close person. Even though you try to leave, they stick to you irrespective of all odds, but you try to cross the limit, duh-ooh! ” Just get out”. There is no turning back. 

Once you become very close to them, probably it’s hard for you only to leave their company and move on because they make such a huge impact on your life. 

“Solitude matters, and for some people, it’s the air they breathe” – Susan Cain 



A fellow Introvert!